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My name is Lisa Jerkins, and I live in Toronto with my two beautiful kids and loving husband. Of my many responsibilities, I take the most pride in my dedication in the assurance that my loved ones always have something healthful on their plates at mealtime.

Most of us have heard the phrase, “You are what you eat.” However, far fewer really take its significance to heart. When you think about it, however, this mantra is true in a very literal sense. Our bodies are constantly rejuvenating and changing, and this requires fuel. Just as you likely don’t compromise on cheap fluids for your car, the same principle needs to apply to your diet to ensure optimal health.

It’s my goal to share the many things I’ve learned over the years about proper nutrition and diet with the thousands out there looking to make positive changes in their eating habits. Whether you are suffering with health problems due to obesity, an athlete looking into ways you can improve your performance through diet, or anyone in between, I’d love to help you reach and exceed your goals.

We all have to eat, and with such an influx in the ease in which we can acquire convenience foods, it’s more difficult than ever before to ensure a well balanced and healthful diet. However, when you stay informed, you can be on your way to enjoying life to its fullest. My blog is designed to help you do just that.